She Walks Ahead of Me

She walks ahead of me, motioning for me to keep up. She is happy and excited and wants to show me what she’s found. I love the way she gets stoked by the little things most of us overlook, like chanterelle mushrooms, wolf spiders, and the various shades of wildflowers which come and go quickly… Continue reading She Walks Ahead of Me

Who We Are

My Jaybird, Are there any original thoughts left on love? Sentiments that have not yet been written by others? Falling in love is a universal condition. Sweet and bitter words spill easily from bleeding hearts and land onto paper. It's the way it is with lovers. Life becomes significant. The stars shine and fall for… Continue reading Who We Are

High You Are

Walking in the woods listening to What So Not’s, “High You Are,” makes me hope you will come for me. “Take me now so I can wake up and drift away. And I don’t care how high you are, don’t wake me 'til we arrive” (Hyde, Styles-Richards, Emerson, Streten). Arrive who knows where. The only… Continue reading High You Are