The Sound of Missing You

Well, let’s see. I was at the gym this morning, jogging a little on the treadmill, lost in Ameerah’s The Sound of Missing You, and suddenly I noticed I was asking myself, What is missing from my life? It’s clear in the song that Ameerah is missing the person she has been with for awhile. She can dance with anyone she wants, but when you’re missing someone you’ve grown close to, being beautiful and having oodles of choices doesn’t make you less lonely.

Listen to the song. You’ll hear what she’s missing: hearing her partner’s voice; what they had when they were together; what they would still have if they’d worked things out. Now all she hears is the sound of missing someone she loves.

When I was listening this morning I realized the missing you sound can come from many quarters: a failed relationship; a job you used to love without realizing it; a friend you lost contact with because you didn’t want to make the effort to stay in touch; a pet that wandered off; a dream that died because you were too frightened to pursue it.
So beware! That missing you sound can slip up from the strangest places –– and knock you off your feet!