Real Beauty

Tootsie 3

In a recent interview, Dustin Hoffmann said he would not have been physically attracted to the character he played in Tootsie. Now he realizes his life would have been enriched if only he had taken time to get to know some women who were less than eights on the Bo Derek Scale.

Which raises the question: What is beauty?

A supermodel, who most men would argue is one of the most physically attractive women on the planet, Petra Nemcova, said something in Esquire this year that made me realize she is even more beautiful than I’ve ever thought. She said: Surrender is a very important word … And I think often in life, we fight things, and we fight and we fight, and we never get anywhere. We just get pushed back. And sometimes just by letting go, we actually reach the destination.

She’s right. Surrender is a very important word, and living with a willingness to let go makes her truly beautiful. Self-sufficiency is not all it’s cracked-up to be. Someone, somewhere said, A year of self-surrender will bring larger blessings than fourscore year of selfishness.

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