My Darling,

Each day we dive deeper into this deliciously sweet and spicy love of ours, and although we are separated by too many miles to mention, the signposts along the highways always indicate we should be together. If we keep following the markers in our hearts, surely we will eventually reach our destination.

Tonight I finished a Netflix Western called Godless. One of the main characters in the series learns how to read by studying old letters he has found in a wrecked stagecoach. One of the letters is written by a wife who was separated from her husband.

Let me share it with you.

My own darling husband. No letter from yesterday’s mail and the stage is not running, so I do not know whether I have any today or not. You cannot know how I long for my daily crumbs. I feel so thoroughly alone here that it, by the most natural process, launches my thoughts and desires westward toward you in an untold degree.

I wonder if you’ll be glad to see me upon your return. I wonder if the long months haven’t blurred the clearness of my outline and the joy of my companionship. How I look forward to even a short interval of having you alone with me, as with all the anticipation of a bride to her honeymoon. For I know that if I had the chance to make love to you and you were not too shy, I think I could be quite entertaining for a little while. Until then, I’ll kiss your image carried in my memory and never cease wishing it were real.

Your devoted wife, Anna

I love the closing line: “Until then, I’ll kiss your image carried in my memory and never cease wishing it were real.” Isn’t it lovely? This is how it will be for me until I reach you. Your image is seared in my memory. I will never stop wishing it were real until I feel you in my arms again.

Your devoted, C

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