Need, Want, Gotta Have


Hi Good-lookin’.

Yesterday I received a note from a local store advertising an upcoming tech sale. The headline read: “Need it. Want it. Gotta have it.”

Then I read your morning letter, where you wrote, “When you feel the wind upon your lips, you’ll know I have arrived. By morning, you’ll be singing of spring.”

I immediately thought, “I need her. I want her. I gotta have her.”

Casimir Funk was a biochemist. He is remembered for his researches on vitamins, which he named in 1912. He isolated thiamine, a nutrient our bodies need to turn food into energy. They say vitamin Bis essential for healthy nerve, muscle, and heart function.

You are my essential vitamin, darling. Without you my OS is buggy and my energy level sputters and dies. You make me sizzle, not fizzle, so I’m all in, my dear. I’ll meet you in the wind and we will wave goodbye to winter.

Needing, wanting, and hoping to have you,

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