August 14, 1992

Imagine my surprise when I opened your letter last week (loved the wonderful drawing of the beach!). I can’t believe you are asking me to marry you! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t want to say “yes” or “no” without serious consideration. I promise to write again soon. Until then, you’re an intelligent and pretty girl who deserves the best in her life. (I sent you a picture of me with my greatest prized possession, my Mustang!)

Sincerely . . .

December 8, 1992

I’ve spent a long time thinking about your proposal. I spoke to many of my family members (and several of yours too) and wanted to make sure that this is something we can work out. A marriage is a life-long commitment. We both know that marriages sometimes last forever but often don’t. We can do this if you … we are willing to make it work.

I plan on traveling there in February or March where we can meet in person and finally get to know each other better. Let’s make this decision together after we get to know each other. In the meantime, we can have fun. We both like dancing, and I love your amazing singing voice. We’ll have a great time! By the way, congratulations on getting your Nursing degree. Awesome!

Sincerely . . .

January 19, 1993

Great news! I’ll be flying out of San Francisco with your sister next month! This is going to be great. Sorry to keep this short, but I’ve got a Lit exam in a few minutes. Thanks for the pic of you and your cousins. Looks like you guys were having some fun. LOVE those glasses. Ha!

See you in person soon!

April 9, 1993

The flight back was grueling but fine, as I told you on the phone. Fifteen hours on a plane ain’t easy. Can’t believe I’m actually married though! I couldn’t be happier with you and finally finding out what a wonderful person you are. We’ve got a few things to work out with getting your travel to the U.S., but believe me, you’re going to LOVE it here. I put some post cards of Yosemite (snow-capped Half Dome is my favorite) in this letter, so you can see what some of our local parks look like. Hopefully we’ll go there when you get here!

I’m looking for a temporary place to live for us. I’m working part-time while I’m finishing up my B.A. in Lit. I’m poor – even though you think I might be rich from my car pic. Ha! We’ll be ready to be a true husband and wife when you get here. Can’t tell you how much I miss you already. Hoping you miss me too.


July 5, 1997

I’m sorry to have to write out my feelings like this, but it’s hard for us to talk, and I do better with writing. We can’t seem to say anything to each other without yelling and screaming at each other. I hate this! We’ve been through a lot already. We’ve had a lot of fun going so many places and doing lots of things. We’re getting ourselves on our feet with you getting your promotion to RN and me getting the substitute teaching position, but it seems like no matter how good things are, we can’t seem to connect.

I need you to TRUST me, dear. I’ll finish school very soon, and I’m working! You’re the only one I want in my life. No matter who you see me with or see me talking to, I’m committed ONLY TO YOU!

Let’s work through this. I’ll try to listen to you more, I promise. I want our daughter to have both her parents in her life. PLEASE.

Love you more than you know . . . 

January 8, 2007 [e-mail]

Soooooo glad we got the move over with. Three thousand miles is a long way to go. Have to admit though, Christmas on the road is going to be something the girls will probably never forget. Did the guys show up with the washer and dryer yet? No grass in the yard. No driveway. I think the paint on the walls is still curing! Love having a newly-built place, but we’re going to have a lot of work ahead of us. Good thing I’ve got a talented, “hands-on” wife. Heh, heh. Just kidding, dear! ☺

Dearest, yes, the most dear thing to me. We have lasted nearly 25 years together. Can you believe it?! I have spent more of my life with you than I have without you. How could I go on without you? (as the song goes). I want to renew our vows – have the ceremony we never had (that I was never able to give you). The longer we are together, the easier our relationship has become. I know sometimes we still have our moments, but we’ve finally figured out to talk to each other … how to communicate. There’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with than you. Let’s get old together …


Will you marry me … again?

Love Forever,


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