A Note from Jen

Dear Friends,

Scattered Love Letters has been voicing true love for eight months now. It’s time to give thanks. Readers and followers, thank you for taking this journey with us. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up to a love letter in your inbox? One beautiful letter after the next has been submitted. Writers, we couldn’t pull this off without you. You’ve shared traditional love letters from spouses and lovers, fresh poetry, altruistic notes between mothers and daughters, eulogies for a father gone too soon, a special boss, and another for a beloved cat. You’ve celebrated milestone wedding anniversaries and new love with us. Talented authors have written and submitted love letters on behalf of their favorite characters. We love the way you love, the way you write, and your willingness to help us scatter love across space and time.

Cliff, a heartfelt thank you for letting me take part in Scattered Love Letters. You’re not only a visionary, you’re the greatest thing since, well, love!

A special woman reached out to me recently. We’d been friends once upon a time, nearly sisters. Grief and loss brought us together in unimaginable ways years ago, and I was saddened to hear she’s suffered yet another loss. The first loss came with the death of her true love. Not all love is meant to last, but this second loss was sinister and cruel. Sometimes love isn’t what we think it is. Sometimes people are not who they pretend to be. In this modern age of online relationships, we need to be extra careful. T, I’m here for you. We all are.

In the words of Ella Wheeler Wilcox:

So after Love has led us, till he tires
Of his own throes, and torments, and desires,
Comes large-eyed friendship: with a restful gaze,
He beckons us to follow, and across
Cool verdant vales we wander free from care.

Thank you again, dear friends. Please continue to share your love! Send your love letters to jenandcliff@scatteredloveletters.com for publication on scatteredloveletters.com.


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