The Boy and His Gem

I once had a dream that I was a ghost trapped in your mirror. My ethereal fingers would trace my glass prism edges…trying to find a way to the other side. Your guitar’s melodies would drift around the mirror like incense smoke then fade aromatically into the room around me. I’d be transported to our summers, where I was free to touch you. When I was of solid form and youth…the taste of mint on my tongue as we kissed…I could almost smell the coconut oil on your skin through the glass….

Years lapsed by with seamless perfection. A gentle blur of new lovers came and went. Time passed by like shadows across my reflective surface. I watched you grow older, like mother to a child…full of wonder and amazement at the man you had become…and I waited silently in the mirror for that day when your body would fade and your ghost would present itself to me…and for one beautiful moment we could be one. Perhaps we’d exist in a single, naked picture. Old and tattered from the years…but we’d be smiling a fine smile that only you and I could share.

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