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A proverb says,“The height of folly is to be quick-tempered. A mind at ease is life and health.” I never use the word folly. I roll with, Man, you look weird when you lose your temper. And all of us do, you know. But the proverb is right. Too much rage can bruise the soul. Marvin Gaye once sang, “When anger is flaming hot, it burns to the bitter end.”

I ain’t gonna let you get the best of me,
I’m gonna go somewhere and cool
This is not the way my head’s supposed to be,
You’ve got me feelin’ like some silly fool
But I know a real nice place where I can go
And feel the way I’m supposed to feel

Marvin must have had a safe place where he felt appreciated, valued, and loved. A place where he could breathe, refocus, and cool down. Maybe you have somewhere you go to diffuse. A brisk morning jog, a quiet midday stroll through a nearby park, a late afternoon coffee with close friends –– all of these can be sacred places where we nurture what matters most, a little peace of mind.