I am madly in love with you. ​ Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I see you. ​The mundane is magical. Waiting in line at the grocery store is now an opportunity to check for a message from you, and you do not disappoint. Your sweet offerings are abundant. Common city pigeons have transformed into messengers of love, every “coo” a sweet “I love you.”  A shamrock growing out of a crack in a paved parking lot stops me dead in my tracks for a moment of splendor. To me, its delicate three leaves are no less extraordinary than four. My feet are light as I skip along the street, in a groove, feeling the beat. I’m playing our song—songs, we have so many! Beneath the nighttime sky, I tend to choose a tune that brings our bodies together in a slow and sensual dance. As the sun sets early and darkness falls, my spirits rise. ​In my mind I am already crawling into bed with you. ​ ​Privy ​to my thoughts, ​the streetlights wink as I approach. ​My mouth flashes a Cheshire cat grin, and I nod my head to them. ​They understand the electricity between us. 

It’s all the little things about you that make me ​desire and love ​​you so. You’ve a thousand good qualities, all wrapped up in​ ​one ​delightful package​. ​ ​T​he unique gift of you​ includes more than your handsome good looks​. ​You come with a warm heart and a strong obligation to serve ​others. You’re not plagued with depressive thoughts or addictive behaviors. In many ways you lead a simple life, and that simplicity adds to your calmness and depth of wisdom. When you gaze at me with your soul-piercing eyes​ ​it’s a sprinkling of stardust ​on​ my psyche. ​You make me want to greet every single person I meet, but I’ll leave that to you. You’re good with people. They always want more of you, and yet you keep them wanting. You share yourself, your private self, with so few. ​Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person who truly knows you. One thing is for sure, I love you like no other.

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