The Laws of Perspective

Commenting on the laws of perspective, Scottish author Ian Maclaren explained how a small thing right in front of you can block out the image of a much larger thing in the distance. A low hillside close to you can often hide the view of the Cascades miles away, so instead of focusing on the big picture, theContinue reading “The Laws of Perspective”

A Blind and Toothless World

Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass” is a brilliant, thrilling work. But recently I learned it has nothing to do with Lord Nelson! There are several coincidences connecting the Mass to Lord Nelson: the crushing of Napoleon’s navy in the Battle of the Nile on August 1, 1798, or the Admiral’s presence at a performance of theContinue reading “A Blind and Toothless World”

The Currency of Tears

In Nevada Barr’s novel, A Superior Death, Ms. Barr describes a tender encounter between the principal character, Anna Pigeon, and a diver named Hawk. “I’m sleeping on the Belle tonight,” she said. “Can I offer you a nightcap?” “Only if the night comes with it.” “It does.” They walked together, not touching, to the boat. Anna latchedContinue reading “The Currency of Tears”

Exquisite Expression of Love

Frida Kahlo once wrote to Diego Rivera: “Nothing compares to your hands, nothing like the green-gold of your eyes. My body is filled with you for days and days. You are the mirror of the night. The violent flash of lightning. The dampness of the earth. The hollow of your armpits is my shelter. MyContinue reading “Exquisite Expression of Love”

Light Talks

Thomas Aquinas says something I want to say to you in a poem called, What Does Light Talk About? When you recognize her beauty,the eye applauds, the heart stands in an ovation,and the tongue when she is nearis on its best behavior,it speaks more like light. What does light talk about?I asked a plant thatContinue reading “Light Talks”

Go Round Again

The Virginia-born musician, Swamp Dogg, has just released a new album called “Sorry You Couldn’t Make It.” John Prine joins him on two songs, and in one them they ask life to let them go ‘round again. “Oh life, won’t you afford us another chance? Everything we put our hands on, we blew it. Women,Continue reading “Go Round Again”

She Nuts Up

Loving Rick Estrin & The Nightcats’ She Nuts Up. Oh, my woman’s just the sweetest little thing;she’s got brains, she’s got class, she’s so fine;but something bad musta happened to her back in the day,‘cause there’s so something wrong with her mind.Oh, she nuts up. Man, she nuts up. And it ain’t about if, naw,Continue reading “She Nuts Up”

Voice of a Lifetime

Wish I had a name to address this letter to,that’s all I’ve wanted,your name, it’s been nine years,the night ended differently for both of us,it was such a strange sensation,some might call it an out of body experience,that whole weekend felt odd, Sundays usually are my days off,I worked a double that day,I remember everyContinue reading “Voice of a Lifetime”