❤ The Month of Love ❤

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Incantation to a Soulmate

Like the wings of a bird
my thoughts fly.
When they land,
they land with you.

We were lovers
in another place,
another time,
another life.

Come back to me.

My heart beats for you.
My eyes dream of you.
My body aches for you.

Come back to me.

This yearning can no longer be staved
by the touch of my own hands.

My soul summons you
to meet me in the flesh.

Come to me.

The two of us
must rejoin as one.

Come to me.
Come to me now.

Jaylene Jacobus
Midnight Lines


At the edge of
the precipice,
near the mouth of the cave,
my heart falls
in love with falling
in love with you.

Our hearts are
locked tightly
as one
under an unbreakable,
infinite knot.

We snake our way through
the shortcomings,
climbing the walls and taking
the falls
of freedom and
captivity of First World life.

Through it all
we walk the maze
of love, of life.
We run to one another
with our eyes
closed, we hit hard.

Together we rise,
we fall,
and rise again.
Not as mythical phoenixes
but as scavengers,
survivors of life.

We are crows,
wing mates of desert solitude,
(lost souls)
etching an existence
in the elements,
adorned with the starkness
and beauty of no possessions.

Two hearts healing
and beating,
scraping by, flying high,
starving and feasting
on our discoveries.
Living freely, wing to wing.

Jaylene Jacobus
The Point of Midnight