She Nuts Up

Loving Rick Estrin & The Nightcats’ She Nuts Up. Oh, my woman’s just the sweetest little thing;she’s got brains, she’s got class, she’s so fine;but something bad musta happened to her back in the day,‘cause there’s so something wrong with her mind.Oh, she nuts up. Man, she nuts up. And it ain’t about if, naw,Continue reading “She Nuts Up”

She Walks Ahead of Me

She walks ahead of me, motioning for me to keep up. She is happy and excited and wants to show me what she’s found. I love the way she gets stoked by the little things most of us overlook, like chanterelle mushrooms, wolf spiders, and the various shades of wildflowers which come and go quicklyContinue reading “She Walks Ahead of Me”

Hellos and Goodbyes

Dear C, I was traveling in the darkness before dawn, driving west, away from you. The mile markers between us continued to grow. A feeling of hopelessness washed over me, like the lights had been turned out on our love. Sleet fell, casting an ominous pallor across my windshield. I felt lost, disoriented by aContinue reading “Hellos and Goodbyes”